Presentations and Publications

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Presentations and Training (Live)

Live Presentations

Live 1-day presentations are available on topics ranging from simple personnel safety working around and with heavy equipment in fire, fuels and harvesting to strategic planning and tactical implementation of heavy equipment for vegetation management, forest road access, and fire suppression (dispatch to site rehab, including accident investigation).

Field and classroom training opportunities. Customized modules for your audience, trainees and students.

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In-woods Workshops, Training Exercises and Field Trips

Field Instruction

  • HEQB Skill Building. Work with machinery on in-woods incident simulations. Specialized and custom training modules.
  • Awareness of Heavy Equipment Resource Limitations and Capabilities For Land Managers, their Staffs and Incident Command Team Overhead.

Example In-woods Workshops held previously 2008, 2011    Workshop 2008 – Comments/Evaluations

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Obie O'Brien, Logging Engineer/HEQB
Obie O’Brien
Logging Engineer/HETS

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